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Thread: BitMe Review

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    BitMe is considered by many to be the best e-Learning tracker around. The content is pretty much unrivalled by any other e-Learning tracker and if it’s not currently on the tracker then there is an excellent request section.

    Any member is allowed to upload e-Learning content, but anything else must be authorized by a mod. They are pretty strict about what can and can't be uploaded. The biggest NO NO is anything which is MPAA or RIAA property. Uploading any of this will get you an instant ban!

    Tracker Stats:


    User Classes:


    Invites are given to qualified members so that they may invite their friends to become members of BitMe. Invites are allocated by the system automatically when the necessary qualifications are met. The automatic allocation of invites does not happen immediately - they are allocated at a periodic interval which is set at the discretion of the sysop.

    Invites may also be obtained by requesting them from a moderator, if you meet the necessary qualifications.

    Only Power Users and up are qualified to receive invites.
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    2007/12/06 update



    2.Seeders from high to low




    3.Allow Cilent

    User Class



    Invite-power user can get invites every month
    HNR-No restrict
    Account delete-42days inactive
    Have strict rules if you break the rules will be banned and delete invite tree!

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    does Bitme have any books which would help someone pursuing a graduation in Physics?

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    Big thX for update (onlybtuse)
    it's one of the strongest tracker of scientific
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    wow big site ThQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnon View Post
    wow big site ThQ
    Really Spam [wow]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiji View Post
    Really Spam [wow]
    And you aren't spamming?
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Anyone knows that it has ISO standards for engineering or not ?

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    # of torrents: 18676 with 14291 alive
    # of members: 20190 (max 30000)
    # of seeders: 39792
    # of leechers: 1978 (of which most are partial)

    pretime: n/a
    speed: 8 (seedboxes and seeds who want to feed you even on old torrents)
    content: 10 (even has lots of big packs to help mess your ratio and get you banned quicker)
    overall: 10 (the best in this group)

    Invites: invite only, some available.

    Free leech: no but has a sitewide every few years (had a week, and 2x day long that I can remember in last two years). In true BitMe style the freeleech might have been going for a few hours before anyone notices!

    Ratio: HARD. Every byte of upload is sacred and fought over with a frenzy unmatched on other trackers, this is upload wars.

    Notes: BitMe might well be the best but you will absolutely need other e-learning trackers with less strict ratio requirements. Banned users are probably close to 200k with most banned for poor ratio, and ratio cheating fails must be high as well. Failing to read the ratio rules is biggest mistake most new, and soon to depart, members make. I have invited thirty people here and all are banned for crappy ratio.

    Special note: Three ways to prosper at BitMe; upload your own shizz (1), seedbox whore on the very rare sistewide freeleech, donate. Survival is download, seed, wait a few months until you get a some buffer and can download something else, wait some more.

    (1) otherwise someone with a seedbox will download it elsewhere and steal all your leechers, you want to do this if you can as well even with a home connection, remove any .nfo's or small files and set main files to 'dont download' if you can to make yourself look like a leecher to lure in extra prey! This is upload wars after all and every byte of upload must be dragged from a rival's cold dead hands...
    LSS #1

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    Looks like they've earned that "hard" - half your post is about ratio difficulties
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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