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Thread: Divx -> Vcd/mpeg

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    How do i change a divx encoded .avi file into a non-encoded mpeg (i dont mind the file size but i need this) cos alot of films that i download wont split into two and convert to mpeg just cos it has a divx coding...

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    Just go to and then look up encoding.

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    tmpgenc will convert anything to mpeg1(vcd) or mpeg2(svcd) or variation like skvcd or kvcd etc, just need your settings correct, match all settings to these:

    ignor any settings you don't have, whats important is what you do have

    allso to add, tmpgenc can split any mpeg movie with the tools built in(under tools tab) but if you need to split for some crazy reason BEFORE you convert, then get virtuail-dub mod, that can split avi or mpeg.

    make sure you remove bad frames before you convert allso, that causes plenty of problems

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    before you do anything make sure all your codecs are up to date , without these you wont be able to use tmpgnc to convert divx files



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