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Thread: TorrenTech Review

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    TorrenTech is a 3 year old electronic music torrent tracker, a forum, bittorrent tracker and radio focused only on quality electronic music.

    We have 31,984 registered members
    Torrents: We are tracking 61016 torrents totalling 577357 files
    Active peers: There are currently 132,765 peers consisting of 127315 seeders and 5450 leechers

    Once a member you earn an Invite for every 5 posts in the forums or by making donations.

    If you are not a member you should join our IRC channel and stick around and respectfully ask for one


    There is no news or home page, you usually got all on the first screen, forums, rules and releases sorted by type of electronic music.

    Something special about the tracker
    They have a very cool online radio that you can check even if you are not a user, awesome and cool community, plus a wide selection of electronic music (here I got most of my DnB and Techno). IRC channel is always active.

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    I dig this tracker getting alot of great stuff of it!


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