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Thread: Best P2p Alternatives For Slow Users

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    Ok, I have got a slow connection of 4.5k per sec but it's a 24 hour connection, the thing is uploads slow up downloads a lot! And I use kazaa so I usually keep only uploads running in the night while downloading during the day...

    But now I can't find Max Payne 2 on kazaa, the hashes never successfully find any file...

    Bittorrent does'nt have any options and he uploads take over my download speed, I installed edonkey, it's been about 7 hours and all it has downloaded is 3.79 MB of max payne 2. It does'nt even have a find more sources option or something....and almost all the time it is "looking" instead of "transferring"

    So anyone knows of any good alternatives but as fast as kazaa and have Max Payne 2 shared on them?



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    it just came out on tuesday
    it will take a few weeks spread on the fasttrack network, the only thing you CAN do is wait or get better isp
    sorry, no magic p2p that has great speed for 56kr's that has things that came out 3 days ago

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    Mate kazaa lite is the best for slow connectons..If its a bin file,tri searching under the everything category.If you still have no luck just get the one of bt.Or just get the one from bt.The quicker it gets going...Who''l have it.

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    Thanx for replying...I just found it was my firewall that stopped edonkey from transferring!!!

    I had to uninstall it

    Anyways a good ISP in India is an impossible thing to come by, they have speeds of 64 kpbs but it costs around 50$ when converted to US dollars per month.

    There are 128k speeds too but they will complain if we downloads too many gigs



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    try dc++ , as far as i know there are a couple of hubs especially for 56kers , if i happen to find the hubs i will give u a shout
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