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Thread: Whats With Al The Gamecube Games On Bt

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    I honestly doubt the GC has been hacked, but i have seen like 5 iso's for gamecube games on BT in the past few days. I wonder whats up.

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    I doubt that somebody hasn't tried to hack it.

    Edit: Therefore, somebody had to have figured out how to hack it, eventually.
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    Perhaps they're working on an Emulator that will play these games? Just a guess from me I really don't know.

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    I read some where, i dont remember where, instructions on playing game cube games you download. What you do is download some software that was put out, and then run some certain cable from your game cube to your pc, then the software plays the game from your pc to your game cube. Im not exactly sure how it works, i havnt tried it, i dont even have a game cube. Ill look for it though.

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    Well I can see on suprnova there is a "gamecube hacking pack v1"...

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    asian bootleggers have already gotten pirated GC discs to play on the Panasonic GameCube (the one with the 5" disc tray), no modification required.

    GameCube Piracy in Hong Kong

    News is just breaking about GameCube games getting pirated in Hong Kong. Not by way of mini CD or using a modified GameCube, but the Panasonic Q. Read on...

    "But these news are just too good to wait any longer: Using the Panasonic Q with it's DVD playback availability, the first Gamecube games have been successfully pirated and copied onto DVD-R format. We have seen it with our own eyes and tested them immediately with our machines - no hoax this time. They work flawless with both modded and "naked" Qs. Available titles so far include Super Monkey Ball, Star Wars, Extreme GIII Racing and Hyper Sports 2002 Winter. All titles are japanese versions, because according to our source, "american titles are not widespread in the Hong Kong market due to a lack of potential customers with modified Panasonic machines, which are still very expensive and people still prefer the PS2", but we assume this may change very soon, as we all know, asians are going copy-crazy for everything. The backups retail in the local market for around US$ 12.80 (100.00 HKD) and are pressed on Apple media."

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    The GC has been cracked.

    I'm not to sure how but something like you run the GC game image on your pc and transfer it thou to the gamecube by wireless usb.

    I think thats what I read somewhere though don't quote me on that.
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.


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