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Thread: How to do a proper Giveaway

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    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    Thanks I'll prepare my giveaway topic based on your guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabalo View Post
    Banned countries: This thread has a fairly accurate list of which countries are banned at certain trackers. Don't ever invite a member from a non allowed country. Even if they try to sweet talk you saying they will access it from a seedbox. It's dishonest. And remember the user won't have a seedbox forever and sooner or later he will disclose his real country. Feel free to ask the staff here if any doubt arises in your mind.
    But if I want to check a FST staffer, to whom will I ask the question?
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    thanks for the tips, we have to be very careful because it has trackers who do not want to know if you are a good user If you invite a crook you will be banned also with him then and good follow strictly their tips.
    Again thank you for alerting everyone.

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    hi Thanks info

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    You're welcome. I keep that thread updated as I come across new information.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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