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    611 is a tracker that specialises in occult material only.
    From their rules: "TheOccult came about to provide a community for like-minded adults to gather and share knowledge of the hidden."
    The tracker is about 1 year old with oldest torrent from 02 Jan 2009 and oldest forum post made in december 2008. They track over 10.000 torrents.
    TheOccult is a sister site of, and
    Members get 2 invites every 20 days after they download more than 10GB and have a ratio greater than 1.05.
    As soon as the user cont drops below 21000 there are open signups.
    Ratio is pretty easy to mantain even if you have a slow connection.

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    Nobody posted comment?

    Truly amazing tracker, with a lot of stuff. See the search panel.

    You want " Magic / Illusions / Tricks ", check

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