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Thread: Half-life Cd Key?

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    Does anyone have a working HL CD key? My CD key generators wont work, so I was wondering if anyone has a CD key. This is simply for LAN use between me and another friend.

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    i dont think someone will give you their CD key, but you should try getting a CD key off an internet cafe!!!

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    Well I wouldn't have to ask anyone...but for some reason my CD key generators aren't working

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    seing as i can't get my half life online to work i could give u my half life genarations pack cd kay if ya want.

    in the box it has 2 cd keys 1 is for opposing force and one for normal half life so try this 1 if it aint then its opvioly the other one so ask 4 that 1 l8r
    that should work. happy lan-ing


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    Originally posted by Board Rules
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