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Thread: Lcd

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    so how do you clean it? i got finger prints on my screen lol

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    *bump* I need to clean my screen too.

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    Guidelines for LCD, & Computer Screen Cleaning *:

    Please note most LCD screens are not glass, the LCD surface is made of a soft film that is vulnerable to scratches, damage by a sharp articles or improper cleaners. Also most cathode ray tube (CRT) type monitors have anti-glare coatings to help reduce reflections, this surface can be damaged by scratches and or harsh cleaners. Both type require special attention to clean properly and safely.

    The following instructions are good general safe methods for keeping your LCD or CRT clean without causing damage.*

    First be sure your monitor or screen is turned off.

    To avoid scratching these delicate surfaces, use a soft brush or cloth to gently brush away any larger dirt particles. Alternately the larger particles can be blown from the surface with the use of canned air.

    Next use a soft, clean lint free cloth or a micro-fiber screen cloth to clean the surface. If necessary use a quality liquid screen cleaner, spray a small amount of the cleaner onto the cloth, then wipe the cleaner onto the screen. Spraying directly onto a screen is not good in that the excess moisture could seep into the edge of the screen causing problems. An excessive amount of moisture could ruin, or cause screen problems, so be cautious with liquid cleaners.

    Avoid using kleenex, paper towels, sponges or other coarse shop towels, as these materials may contain abrasives that can scratch plastic, acrylic, poly carbonate surfaces or surface coatings.

    Also avoid these cleaning chemicals: keytone type material (Acetone), Ethyl or Methyl chloride must not be used as they can cause damage to coatings or LCD polarizers.

    Work from one edge of the screen to the other and only in one direction. Wipe gently and Do not over work or apply excessive pressure to avoid damaging the surface or surface coatings. Finally clean the edges and corners lifting any dust or debris into the cloth.

    We recommend using a good micro-fiber cloth made for screens without liquid cleaner for everyday type cleaning. Then for stubborn dirt and stains use a moistened micro-fiber screen cloth with a quality screen cleaner or pre-moistened screen wipes. These type of products are available using the links above, and on these pages from

    How do I clean ink from a laptop / notebook screen?
    We carry a product made specifically for laptop / notebooks that will remove ink from the screen. It is a pre-moistened wipe click here for details.

    Google is your friend.

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    thanks that was very helpful

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    I like my eye killing CRT THank you very much, it's much easier to clean
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!


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