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Thread: AppzUniverse review

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    Seedig there is hard? No man, its very very easy... If You have problems send me a PM and I will explain...

  4. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #3
    I concur, I haven't had a problem keeping my ratio up... I don't use this site as much as I do for PAT, but I've found that this torrent has a wider variety of torrents than PAT. I find that there is more clutter and noise than at PAT, generally the discourse is better at PAT... but this is a great tracker... I highly recommend it.

  5. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #4
    they're working on upgrades to this site as we speak, great site.

  6. BitTorrent Tracker Reviews   -   #5
    this tracker still up and running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddevil557 View Post
    this tracker still up and running?
    Yes, and they have open signups on the first of each month to this day.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."


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