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Thread: 3d Home Design

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    sorry for this lame post, but my dad wanted me to design something for their new office and i need a proggy to help me...i got the deminsions of the building, i just need something to lay it all out 3d so i could walk him thru a virtual tour...thannks guys

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    broderbund 3d home architect - i dont really know how this compares with other similar progs, but it is on k-lite and it let's you "walk-through" your creations

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    not so lame a post, i like messin around w/ cad software
    broderbunds ok, but punch pro seems a little more newbie friendly
    its on k++, just search for it (the progs called landscape pro suite or somethin like that, but it actually pretty much does it all) and lets you do a 3d walk through also
    if you have any prob findin either prog, pm me or reply to post
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