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    ok so what is this no free email stuff how the hell am i supposed to sign up or any other normal everyday person??? No yahoo msn or any other lame providers u will be banned before you even get there. Come on thats a bit much i can understamd msn but yahoo and what about gmail????? perfectly good email providers.

    So where woudl i get a non free email addy and why would i want one? What is so special about this site?

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    They're paranoid or something. The site's a pretty nice 0-Day tracker, but nothing out of the ordinary. had disposable addresses that aren't on their blacklist. Once you're in you can change your e-mail to whatever you want.
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    They are very paranoid. Just read the 4 paragraph Disclaimer LMAO. My mortgage contract isn't that long or complex.

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    Nice tracker. Good pre.

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    Joined some time ago and after a week i got ip address banned.Probably they banned Romania and after a month i could log in again then they banned my ip again.It doesnt worth the hassle.Its impossible to keep a good ratio because no one downloads new torrents.Im surprised they are still alive.Just checked and i can log in again.There are other tracker far better than DDT in every aspect and easily accessible.


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