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Thread: Vcd Converting

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    From copying a dvd to a cd-r then choosing the convert to VCD option (using DVDX 2.0), the bitrate is set for video is 1150 Kbits/s, apparently this is within the standard limitations, however if you go any higher then check the standard, its no longer within the range, is there any way to raise the picture quality higher than 1150 cause I plan on burning to 2 discs meaning I have more space left on the discs? SVCD allows u to have up to 2600!!! thats over twice the amount so its MUCH better picture quality, however my VCD doesnt play SVCD...thx, oh yeah and if possible improve the audio from 224, this seems to be the max for both vcd and svcd?

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    yeah Ive tryed doing this but it f*cks up in my DVD player

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    the bitrate is what makes an Mpeg-1 file work as a VCD. VCD supports only 1150kbps at a constant rate. if you use a different bitrate, or a variable bitrate, then it isn't a VCD.

    there are other experimental variations of VCD, though, created by some resourceful users-- like XVCD and KVCD. no players officially support those, but they've just figured out how to make them work on certain brands of DVD players anyway.

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    Y is it that a rented VCD has a better picture quality than a DVD ripped VCD copy??

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    Originally posted by soma@18 October 2003 - 15:40
    Y is it that a rented VCD has a better picture quality than a DVD ripped VCD copy??
    I don't know who the hell rents vcd's, but have you tried the header trick, sometimes you can trick your dvd player into playing svcd by rewriting the header into thinking its a vcd

    and if you want better quailty, you need to slow down your conversion in tmpgenc to slowest(best quailty)
    hopefully your using tmpgenc cause if your mce or even worse nero itself thats the first step to creating shity copys

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    Originally posted by soma@18 October 2003 - 06:40
    Y is it that a rented VCD has a better picture quality than a DVD ripped VCD copy??
    companies that sell "official" VCD releases in asia use professional-grade encoding equipment, they create the VCDs from higher-quality source material, and it prolly takes them much longer to encode a VCD than it does on a PC. but the time and money they put into it translates to much better encoding.

    but if you set the options correctly when you encode VCD from a DVD, i think it's possible to get nearly professional quality.

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    Damn, I live in Thailand so VCD's r pretty much the ONLY thing to rent, I really wish i knew how to adjust the settings to improve the quality...

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    what are you useing to encode?

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    im using Replicant DVD which uses SmartRipper to rip, and DVDx to convert. I tried like 3 or 4 guides from different websites, but it seems like every other prog I tried to use someting went sound, or audio is Thai (the primary language of the DVD's) not English. Basically I wanna rip a DVD to 2 cd's-80 min/700mb with the best video and audio quality possible to fit on them.

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    Gordian Knot method will give you the best results with tmpgenc on slowest(best quailty)

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