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Thread: Max Payne 2

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    doe any one know and hav vertified a working copy of max payne 2 the fall of max payne? please note i CANNOT use bittorent or suprnova but i have kazaa and emule. If you hav seen a working copy can u please reply with the file name and size so i can find it...or the hash

    Thnx in advance


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    Cheerz im d/ling now so fingers crossed my ppc can aturly play it


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    I think the better question is why can't you use bittorrent and supernova?

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    i dunno y but i tried it out and it wod neva connect (i think its bcoz of the proxy settings) bcoz when i got msn and k-lite i had to configure the proxy settings to a spicifk port and ip bcoz im networking when im nt spose to b bcoz in the uk if ya wiv ntl they make u hav to buy and new modem and stuff so im using proxy plus and i hav to configure everything and i dunno how to do it on bittorent and suprnova uses bittorent so i cajn't use that either

    if n e 1 can tell me how to fix it i wod b well pleased but i just dunno how to do it myself


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    what kind of speeds are u getting off kazaa? Im downloading at slow speeds 7kb/s and a few times I got 15kb/s.

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    iv got a 600k broadband and im only getting about 8kb/s and for about 1 or 2 mins every hour it goes up to about 20kb/s but thats it.



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