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Thread: Some Help With Bit Torrent Please

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    I need to get some help with bit torrent, I know how to use it and all (its quite simple) but If my pc crashes or I press cancel, how do I start that download up again. If I start up BT and try and find the file, it doesnt come up because it only shows .torrent files, where as the file I am downloading would be a .exe file or whatever, can someone please help me. Have I missed something?
    I have "BitTorrent S-5.7.8 (SHADOW'S experimental)" Please help me, Thanks

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    here4s what I do right click the link and save it on your PC somewhere

    ok when you click it the first time it asks you where to save the BT file save it lets say for eg c:/BT

    ok you press cancel re click the link you saved on your HD before and do the same thing choose the folder you saved the BT in c:/BT

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    Thanks, but when I try to resume it using the torrent file,it said "server time out error, problem connecting to seeders" I tried again and now it works, but only uploads so far. (What is "timed out"? I hear it in a lot of places, games and such)

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    "Timed out" means that when your computer was trying to send some data to the other computer (or request data from it), the second computer did not respond within a given time. So the transmission failed.


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