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Thread: Max Payne 2

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    could someone please help me .I downloded said file and then opened 1st file from both folders to get the cue and bin for cd1 and 2 .tten i burned them no probs , installed no probs but when i come to plat on the play cd it just keeps telling me to insert other disk ,what am i doing wrong the other cd is the install cd1 please help

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    Read the .nfo file that comes with it!

    You'll need to install a crack that's probably in a folder on one of the CDs called 'crack'.
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    the crack is on cd2 and i already tried replacing normal exe with the crack but it just keeps coming up with insert the other cd but thanks for your reply

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    Then you never did the crack right.
    Does it same "Try again" "Iggnore" "Continue" on the error box?

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    i went back and kedt the file but downloeded agian and it works fine now thnx for your help


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