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Thread: Operation Flashpoint

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    Did anyone dl Operation Flashpoint GOTY Edition from suprnova and got it working? It installed without any problems.

    I can not find any cd-patch in the dl image of three cd's

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    Can anyone help me out there? with Operation Flashpoint Goty Edition Game of the year. ?

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    sorry i dont think anyone downlaoded it...but i have the game and its a really really really bad game lol

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    try, the game of the year edition is just flashpoint upgraded full to ver 1.30 incl ultimate upgrades.

    Oh and don't listen to that shit spot Octopussy he or should i say it, dosn't now what to say constructive to you about flashpoint or any other thing. he is just here to have a place to shit in public along with his other butt buddies
    im sure you see his buddies reply to this B)

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    the game does suck i have it its gay graphics suck game play sucks games old

    btw stfu you fukin noob with 15 posts-

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    who me?
    im the one who shared that game on suprnova, if i can help, let me know
    also, i made the images with CLONE CD, which you will find in the files you downloaded. you need to tell your computer that you live in canada, so that you will get the option to "HIDE CDR MEDIA" then you wont need a no-cd patch. PM me if you dont get it. im sorry i didnt make that clear, but if you live in the USA (greatest country in the world) you dont get that option with clone cd because of copyright laws, so i use canada (nice country also)


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