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    Look Behind..

    Name :
    DesiTorrents [DT]

    Info : The best available
    torrent website for movies released in the Indian Subcontinent (India and neighboring countries). It has many categories for Indian, Pakistani and other regional movies, mp3 etc. It also has a pr0n section which releases regional pr0n movies.

    Stats :

    Threads: 85,304
    Posts: 1,243,474
    Members: 499,597
    Seeders: 38180
    Leechers: 25977
    Peers: 64157
    S/L: 146.98%
    Torrents: 10884

    (stats recorded on 2nd April 2007)

    The Tracker has the following categories:
    • Movies
    1. Bollywood
    2. Lollywood (Urdu Movies)
    3. Tamil
    4. Telugu
    5. Bengali
    6. Marathi
    7. Malayalam
    8. Punjabi
    9. Gujarati
    10. Kannada
    11. Religious
    12. Other
    • Music
    1. Music Videos
    2. Bollywood MP3
    3. South Indian MP3
    4. Ghazal MP3
    5. Bhangra MP3
    6. Pop MP3
    7. Remix MP3
    8. Classical MP3
    9. Religious MP3
    10. Surinam MP3
    11. Bangla MP3
    12. Gujarati MP3
    13. Kannada MP3
    14. Marathi MP3
    15. Misc MP3
    • Miscellaneous
    1. Sports
    2. Documentaries
    3. Desi Comics
    4. Misc
    • Pr0n
    1. Hardcore (18+)
    2. Softcore (18+)
    3. Mobile (18+)
    Unlike other websites, this one does not have a power user system. All users are treated equally irrespective of ratios. It has a forum based interface for downloading torrents.

    Other Screenshots :

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    DesiTorrents Review 2010

    Review Date: January 4, 2010

    Complied by: palnati

    General Description:
    Since its start in January of 2004, DesiTorrents has become the largest phenomenon to bring p2p file sharing in the South Asian community. It receives high traffic from South Asia including countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. On a global scale, the site has become a legendary Desi tracker famous for its nonstop releases in movies, music, and mixed media. Not to mention it was the first website of its kind to bring the very first Desi featured torrents. Like most torrent web communities, the website is run by a vBulletin code that operates user ratio and post count. Upgrade and promotions are based on forum activity and experience. According to Alexa, DesiTorrents is ranked 8,703rd globally and 675th nationally in India.

    Tracker Type:

    P2P Technology:
    Bit Torrent



    After a considerable thought and discussion, DT management has created a beautiful “lite” theme skin for DesiTorrents.


    With the “lite” theme, came the advent of tabbing. Like the great success with tabbing features in internet browsers, DesiTorrents has decided to incorporate tabs into the forum. Within the General tab, a user would find access to the latest site news and announcements, tutorial guides, and competitions and their winners. The General tab is also home to the two most important and popular sections. The first being the Need Help section which is maintained by the finest and brightest DT Moderators and Tech Squad members that are available 24/7 to assist any user experiencing difficulty for virtually anything. The second is The Feedback and Suggestion section which allows users to incorporate their input and comments regarding their overall experience of the website.
    The leisure tab famously dubbed, Chai Time, has become the most popular forum section of the entire website. Most users come and participate in discussions in sections like politics, sports, games, music chat, movie chat, TV chat, business, science, technology, photography, and jokes. Chai Time also has two unique sections for sharing pictures and a section dedicated to chit chat about anything.

    All sections that are in high definition content are RatioFREE unless stated otherwise.

    Bonus System:
    When the monthly donation goal is met, every torrent becomes RatioFREE.



    DesiTorrents has a whopping 11 language based movie sections as well as a section for movie animation and movie trailers. DesiTorrents also has a section for High Definition movies that are RatioFREE; meaning it doesn’t count on the user’s download.


    DesiTorrents has an incredible 13 music genres/ languages available as well as Lossless Audio and Music Videos which are also RatioFREE. Each genre has the latest music tracks and dedicated seeders.


    DesiTorrents is proud to present shows and drama serials from SONY, Zee TV, Star Plus, Star One, and Colors. Each channel is backed by dedicated seeders who release daily.


    The miscellaneous forum includes a section for sports, documentaries, comics, E-books and magazines, and a kids section.


    In order to view the Adult forum, users must confirm their age. The Adult forum contains a section for Adult chat, X rated images, low resolution mobile videos, high definition ratioFREE adult movies, Desi X rated videos, Asian X rated videos, and adult documentaries.

    Bollywood Sub-forum:

    Among the most popular sub-forum, the Bollywood forum includes 10 different types of video formats including sections dedicated to pre-releases and DVD-Rips


    Torrents Search:

    On the torrents page which is located on the short link in the DT header, users are able to refine specific searches. User can toggle Movies, Music, TV, Misc, and adult forums. Users can refine the search by specific rippers. And finally users can add a few keywords related to their search.

    Collapsed Search:

    DesiTorrents allows users to find their exact search; making DesiTorrents one of a kind torrent website.

    Latest Releases:

    With fully functional membership, DT members are able to view the latest releases and additions of torrents. Users have the ability to view which category the torrent belongs as well as the unique title of each torrent. Furthermore, users can see the wait time, comments, seeders, leechers, and number of completed downloads. Users can also view advanced statistics such as size, date added, releaser, and ripper group.

    User Profile:

    DesiTorrents members are able to manage of all of their contacts and visitor messages from their profile. In the profile, there are mini statistics regarding the member’s join date and post count. Users are able to respond and manage messages, view their biography, review their statistics, friends, and contact info. Users are also able to keep track of their bittorrent activity. Users can see their current downloads current seeds, and their releases. No other users have access to this information except for Staff members.

    General Rules:


    At the very top of a screen when a user logs in is a rectangular box that announces major news about the site. It also serves a great way to communicate and inform every user about a certain change.

    Invitation System:

    DesiTorrents is a private, invite-only website. However, invites are easily purchasable for a great low price. Users who invite others to join DesiTorrents must accept responsibility of their invitee’s behavior and ratio.


    There are 4 different types of memberships available to purchase. These include DT Regular, DT Premium, DT VIP, and DT Sponsor.


    Making a donation is very critical to DesiTorrents. We are run and funded almost entirely by donations. With the great service DT provides, users donate regularly.

    Upload Credits:

    Users who seek to boost their ratio can purchase upload credits that help their ratio. Healthy ratio is a absolutely compulsory on DesiTorrents.

    User Control Panel:

    DesiTorrents have an advanced system of managing member details and options. More options become available as users are promoted or upgraded to higher titles. All members have the ability to edit their details, manage their profile privacy, and make friends. Users with promotions have the ability to make custom avatars and signatures. Every member is entitled to have the option to change their account settings by either changing their email, password, and ignore list. DT members can manage their Private Messages and inbox as well as their folders from the Control Panel. Users also have the ability to subscribe to threads to view the latest comments and posts.


    Users are able to monitor their invites by viewing how many invites are left and by seeing their pending invites.

    Privacy Options:

    DesiTorrents have a strict policy of maintaining user privacy. DT rules and regulations protect the identity and contact of every member. Members are able to toggle options such as the ability to view Adult forum, Invisible mode, and whether to have their vCard public or private. Users also have the ability to allow private messages and profile messages.

    Miscellaneous Options:

    DT members are able to set various other options like setting their message editor interface and forum skin. There is also an option to control reminders and notifications about private messages and friend requests. Promoted members have two unique abilities to their account. The first being a SSL connection which allows users in restricted countries to access DesiTorrents by bypassing their ISP’s filtering. The second is a tunnel fast connection that takes advanced of broadband connections.


    Each title has its own unique perk. Promotion and upgrade is possible through post count high ratio, and subscription.

    Starter titles:

    Advanced titles:

    Banned titles:

    Donor titles:

    Ratio based titles:

    Special titles

    Home based titles:

    Management titles:


    Live search:

    Live search enables users to search all of the frequently added threads as well as old threads.

    Advanced search:

    For a more thorough and selective search, the advanced search filters almost any option the user chooses.



    On every user’s page is the DT Header. The DT header has quick links to user control panel, latest torrents, donation page, upload credits, subscription, FAQs, rules, log out, and several other quick links.

    DT Benchmark Map:

    Whenever a user browses through DT forums, sub forums, and section, there will always be a mapping web on top of the forum.

    DT Guests:

    DesiTorrents is proud to present a limited account with guests features for potential members. DT Management wants to make sure that every member is completely satisfied with the quality and reliability of the website. Registration is easy and free. DT Guests find their account helpful because they can screen the latest releases and are instantly drawn into Subscription.

    Guest Forum Section:

    In the DT Guests Form, DT Guests are able to chat with Staff members about the website. This is a great way to ask question to the entire DT Staff about features, torrents, and options that will be available to them when they subscribe.

    Account for Releasers:

    In the Account for Releasers section, DT Guests who are considered as releasing agents and rippers from competitive sites are able to sign up for a free account. They must fill out an easy application that inquires their experience and credentials. Only advanced and experienced rippers/releasers are considered viable for a free account. Staff then prepares a suitable conclusion for the applicant and decides to whether to accept or reject based on their credentials.

    DT Guests are notified that their application has been received and that DT Staff are currently reviewing the application. A decision is made in less than 48 hours.

    Sneak Peak:

    DesiTorrents wants to make sure each DT Guests can witness the quality and speed of its torrents. DT Guests are able to view the latest releases in Movies, Music, TV, Misc, and Adult forums. Guests are able to see which category torrents belong to, the size of each torrent, the number of super seeders, and how many comments that particular torrent received.


    Texas Hold’em Pirate Poker

    DT newest surprise for the 2010 year was a live poker game to play against other members. In its grand opening, it has become a major success, making DesiTorrents one of a kind torrent site. DT Administrators and Staff are working hard to code more features and abilities into the game. The game is currently going under construction as more features are being placed in.

    Users are able to choose a room and a seat. Each room is limited by minimum and maximum wages. From time to time, there will special tournaments that will be held for users to participate in. Users can also make Poker friends by using the “join friend” feature. Also, users may play against their friends and family by creating a private room.

    Within each game, user’s game chips are displayed as well their fans. There is a maximum of 10 players per room. Within each room is the “Captain’s Log,” which records all the game’s activity. There is a mini chatting panel for users to participate in conversation about the game. And if the chatting becomes a nuisance and a distraction, users can ignore the entire panel.

    The game play includes an option to manage user chips. Game players have the option to purchase game chips for a price. Users can also exchange chips with other users. And users can give away their chips to others.


    DT has an impressive list of 12 legendary rippers, ripper groups and super seeders. Of the 12 groups, 9 are dedicated to video content, 2 are dedicated to music content, and a group called Razor Squad is dedicated for lightning fast superseding.

    Request Section:

    A section dedicated for able users to put up a request so other users or releasers can fulfill them.


    Every week there is a new poll for users to participate in. User can also submit their own poll questions to section moderators.

    Latest releases:

    On the home page, there is an information box that notifies users about the latest releases on DesiTorrents.


    DesiTorrents is proud to present its own toolbar. The toolbar contains several quick links to navigate through the website. It also has a link to upload images on Desi Upload.

    DT Radio:

    DesiTorrents has its own dedicated internet radio. The radio is sponsored by CrazyFM.


    DesiTorrents has its own flash video streaming site. Able users can upload video to the site as well as view the latest uploads. DTube features a wide selection of viral, comical, and educational videos.


    It is important to note that none of the torrents are actually are on the DT server. All the torrent downloads and uploads occur on user computers. None of the Movies, Music, TV shows, Misc, and adult content is physically on the DT server. All files are on user computers and all transfers are done on user connections. The only thing on the DT server related to the torrents is the tracker which calculates unique variable ratios for each member.

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

    DesiTorrents doesn’t take threats from Antipiracy companies lightly. DT genuinely believe in free exchange of information. DT has its own method and procedures for handling Antipiracy lawyers and enforcement officers. Any torrent that is proven to become an infringement of copyright laws is taken down immediately. DT Members are able to post anonymously so their identity is secure.


    With a dedicated and fully functional tracker, DT is always available. An impressive ratio of seeders to leechers is always maintained so almost every material on DT is available for immediate download.


    Speed: 9/10
    Most, if not all, releasers and rippers on DT have seedboxes and external servers dedicated entirely to seeding. There is an entire group made just to help others and people with low bandwidth seed.

    Reliability: 10/10
    The site is always available 24/7. The tracker is always online and available. All users can upload content at any point of the day or night no matter where they reside. The website is maintained by experienced vBulletin experts and encoders. Very few if any bugs are present in the ratio maintenance and the downloading process. Every torrent is spyware, virus, and malware free.

    Content: 9/10
    There are always new movies and music as well a variety of different things always available to download. The quality of the content is superb. DT Moderators are strict enforces of quality material. With every material release, there is a mandatory technical specification describing video/audio codes, format, and bit rate.

    Community: 7/10
    A majority of users just maintain their ratio well above 1.00 and continue to download and seed torrents. However, many users engage in heated debates, participate in global awareness issues, and speak about their opinions regarding a recent issue.

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    DO normal desitorrent users get invites?

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    Well thats an awesome Review!! Very informative for those looking forward to it.

    muc147, the answer no atm./
    Though the Power User and above get invites,
    but atm they have kept it blocked

    Actually they are testing the new invite system./

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    Community: 7/10
    A majority of users just maintain their ratio well above 1.00 and continue to download and seed torrents. However, many users engage in heated debates, participate in global awareness issues, and speak about their opinions regarding a recent issue.
    That "however" makes it look like what follows is something negative, but I don't see the problem with discussions as long as there isn't any flaming or that sort of stuff.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    You did a good job of selling your site,my friend...

    BTW I love to be a part of these sites that let you say whatever you want...I see no problem with it...

    Its the internet baby...Grow a pair of balls and deal with it...
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    I find the site interesting, and the comments written by some I find amusing.

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    Hi...i aam new here...was just reading your review to the Desitorrent website. I subscribed to this website nearly a month ago, but my account has still not been activated yet...i have sent them endless email's and got no reply what so ever! I am not sure if anyone can help here or have any advice for me please?


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