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Thread: GrabThe.Info Review

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    I wish they had more people the site is sweet nice content needs to get bigger and than will be ok

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    # of torrents: 7754 with 5006 alive
    # of members: 1204 (stole this number but my guess based on low level of activity is sub 500 active)
    # of seeders: 7000 (estimate at 1x seeders per torrent with a few better seeded)
    # of leechers: 75 (sort of counted)

    pretime: 2
    speed: 4 (allows user uploads, no real speed but I did get a file from a seedbox once otherwise it would be rated 2)
    content: 3 (low on torrents , low on packs)
    overall: 3

    Invites: still open I think, invites in bonus shop.

    Free leech: some packs Has bonus shop, pretty stingy one .

    Ratio: easy.

    Notes: An old site that never really made it to the big leagues. Might be harsh on the speed, perhaps the torrents I downloaded to check were just slow?

    edit: Free leech: some packs not a lot of free though. Has bonus shop.
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    Do you have their IRC information at hand? The help/support channel if possible.
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    Dont think they have a public irc. The on site guide to irc is borked with 404 as well and cant see any forum posts with it.

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    Added it, I put 4 for content though if you don't mind.

    I tried to rearrange the list of 0-day for content to have some uniformity, it was all over the place with sites with 800 torrents getting a 6 while FSC with 22000 had the same thing...


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