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Thread: Avi Video Unable To Play

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    The movie is 28 days. it is AVI format or so it says in properties as TYPE.
    It also say at top DvD rip.xvid-dmt. what i would like to know is how do i make this file work for my real one player. since it is DvD rip will that make a difference in the type of application that is used to play the file? I am verry new to all this and i dont even understand any of the achronyms concearing these DL other then kazaa lite uses AVI previewr and MPEG format. i know files are saved in different formats. i guess what i really need to know is how to change file formats from 1 format to another.

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    I don't think you can change format, but if you want to get the .avi files working you have to get the latest edition of windows media player

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    once you get wmp9, you can't get rid of it
    PLUS it has DRM, so its VERY poor advice to get the newest version of wmp


    what drm you ask

    ohh well I'll just un-install it if its so bad

    you can't, there is no un-install of wmp9

    from the link:
    Windows Me and XP users must rely on a feature called "System Restore" to roll back their Windows installation to a time before they installed Media Player 9 Series if the want to uninstall it. The clunky alternative doesn't really remove all Windows Media Player 9 Series files and could potentially wipe out other system changes.

    just play it in videolan or bsplayer

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    Mate avi just means a video file.To play them u need to install the codec the movie was compressed divx,xvid etc...mp3,ac3.You could download the kazaallte codec pack to fix the prob.Theres also a program include in the pack"gspot".If you open the avi with it,,it'll show you all the info of the the quality of the movie.


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