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Thread: Web Accelerator

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    Please forgive me if this isn't the right place for this topic, but what is the best if there is a bonified web accelerator around? Thanks.

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    sorry to burst ur bubble, but theres no such as a "web accelater", u can get d/l managers that pause/resume/manage downloads, but u cant get a accelater..
    thats one of my top n00b un-friendly ideas...

    p.s.- shyt source=shyt speed

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    mongo r u referring to a prog that could increase your internet speed when downloading or browsing the net?...if so, try Webroot Accelerate, it was referred by another member on this board (cant remember who). For a download manager I use FlashGet, but like TheFilePirater said there are many, and they wont "accelerate" so to speak...


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