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Thread: Cable Tv -tips And Tricks?

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    Ok well i hope this doesnt get deleted.

    Anyway... I recently installed a TV Tuner in my machine and discovered that if i attach my Cable Internet to the card, i would get free Cable TV. Ok so thats great. I get ALL the channels for FREE. Now the problem is most of the good channels are scrabled. Meaning, the picture on them is very hard to make out. The basic channels are fine. Perfectly clear, but channels like HBO are messed up. The colors are all inverted and theres alote of static interference.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks into getting better signals. I'd really appriciate it.

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    can't help with your problem..

    but i remember when i had a chiped cable box, they where the best days of my life...

    then 1 day it just stoped working, bastard oh well u live and learn..

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    It's too easy to get caught stealing cable, for they can bounce a signal to your box/TV/TV card and find out what you're using! Satellite (DirecTV) is a better steal!

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    i'm willing to risk it, they just usally give u a warning and/or disconnect ur service. They wont take any legal actions right away.

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    I have a program (somewhere amongst the hundreds of CDs) that actually descrambles the channels that "almost" come into view, sort of like the channels seen at the beginning of the movie American Pie.

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    i would really appriciate if u can get me a copy of that, or atleast tell me the title.

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@18 October 2003 - 23:26
    then 1 day it just stoped working, oh well u live and learn..
    Why did it stop working? Is there a way to fix it?

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    yea, don't fuck around with the cable co, DSS all the way

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    Erm, does Balamm come round here anymore?

    Because i think he works at a cable tv company (could be wrong though)

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    Before doing this, i would check on what your cable companies policy is....

    I know that Telewest Broadband prosecute, as well as disconnecting all services.

    I believe that the minimum they have received at court is one years FULL subscription, this being the minimum contract...about 750... (PLUS all court/legal costs)

    They also check the digital boxes by signal quite often....

    If you on Analogue Cable, its much easier....

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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