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Thread: Save Tremors The Series

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    Fans of the Series Please do the following go to my Online Petition and sign it. There is still a chance to save Tremors The Series But it needs your help. Please Go To The Following.

    Or You Can

    1) Write a letter or postcard to the SciFi Channel. E-mail is nice, but not enough. Send e-mail AND postal mail.

    2) Your letter should be brief, but polite and well thought-out. Site some of the ideas above. Please use proper grammar and spelling. (I know a lot of you are still in school - get one of your English teachers to proof the letter before you send it. It will look better and you might get extra credit&#33

    3) Don't threaten, not even as a joke. Don't criticize - that's not what the letter is for. Just tell them you like the show and think it deserves another chance.

    4) Tell them why you like Tremors, and why they should give it another chance. Remember, they see the bottom line - they'll want to know what's in it for them. (There's a whole list up above, and I'm sure you can think of more&#33

    5) Remind them that Tremors fans are worldwide, with Tremors sites set up in the UK, Australia, and Russia, as well as the US. Fans of the series have logged in from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Australia, and Russia.

    6) Get your family, friends, and co-workers to write as well.

    7) Do not say that you are writing as part of a campaign. They want to hear from "you," not "us."

    I'm not a fan of wishful thinking. If I didn't think this had a chance, I wouldn't be involved in it. But this, I think, has a real chance of working to get our show back. (I know a guy who knows a guy who has a connection, you see...) But it will depend on YOUR support in the form of a letter campaign.

    E-mail these addresses:

    Write to these people:

    Mark Stern
    Senior Vice President, Original Programming
    Sci-Fi Channel
    1230 Avenue of the Americas, F115
    New York, NY 10020

    Bonnie Hammer
    Sci-Fi Channel
    1230 Avenue of the Americas, Third Floor
    New York, NY 10020

    Call these numbers:

    Switchboard: 212.413.5000
    Programming Phone: 212.413-5821
    Comment Line: 212.413.5577
    New Comment Line: 212.413.5679

    Here's why:

    - In spite of the episodes being shown out of order and being uncerimoniously yanked off the schedule for months, Tremors stayed on the list of top ten SciFi shows for it's entire run, including reruns. Stampede Entertainment admits the series came very close to the ratings goals. If given a proper opportunity to gain an audience, there's no reason it can't do even better.

    - There is a movie coming out in December that is already getting good advance reviews. That kind of publicity can't help but give the series a ratings boost.

    - Tremors continues a fan favorite WORLDWIDE. It's not just a US phenomonon. There are Tremors websites set up as far-flung as the UK, Australia and Russia. This means the potential marketbase for the show is just as wide. Fans of the series have logged in from Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, the UK, Australia, and Russia.

    - Tremors is family entertainment. How many shows that feature guns can be said to be family entertainment? While the guns are there, the people are never the targets. The show displays good family values and high moral standards. We NEED more shows like this.

    - The Tremors series has definite DVD possibilities. The movies have always done well in the video market and there's no reason to think the series won't do the same. The worldwide popularity of Tremors almost guarantees DVD sales will be successful.

    - SciFi can't expect to run a network on one show. Stargate is great, but it's just One Show. People like diversity.

    - Tremors isn't a flash-in-the-pan. There are three successful movies with another one on the way and the series has gathered even more fans. This isn't something that's just going to go away.

    - It's not too late for Tremors. It's still on the regular Friday night lineup and still fresh in people's minds. Fans not active in the mailing lists and forums may still be unaware that it's been cancelled.

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    But what if you think it ought to be cancelled? Can they write in too?

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    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    I must say, after seeing the first movie when I was younger I loved it and bought it on video. Sadly I think the movies and episodes have gone downhill since then and they have now started to move away from the worms and start on things like deadly plants and stuff. First movie was great, second was likeable, third was watchable, and after seeing the first few episodes of series 1, I have gone off it completely.

    Sorry to all the series fans out there but everyone has their own opinion...
    File Sharer by day... Raver at night...

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    i coudnt agree more - they movies were a laugh but the series was dreadful

    sorry but thats my little input there


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