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Thread: My Video Card

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    I have a dell computer thats came with an integrated intel graphics card and unreal 2003 and like rainbow six 3 andred faction 2. do you think that halo and silent hill 2 and 3 will run on it?

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    like is it a 32 mb video card?

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    intergrated cards always suck
    most are under 32megs

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    it claims itself to be a 64 mb but i dont know about all of that! i about to get a new 128 mb for christmas but i wanna know if i would be able to play them games

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    im sure u could play red faction but im not sure about the other games....and red faction will be alittle laggy too

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    I meant i CAN play those faction 2,unreal 2003 and rainbow six 3.

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    yea lol i read it again and i understand that it came with the pc...i thought u were askin if they worked

    my friend has the intel graphic card and he couldnt play im not sure if they were same but :S

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    ok thanks!

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    What dell computer do you have and i can tell you what integrated chip you have.

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    I used to have an integrated intel cards. It ran Halo and Red Faction 2 with a good amount of FPS, but everything was on the lowest settings. As for Silent Hill 2, you can run it, but every now and then the fps would go really low.

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