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Thread: Who Here Concs?

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    who here has the game Team Fortress Classic and concs? and whats your name?

    my name in it is InterseptoR, ive beaten somewhere between 10-20 maps, and i just beat conc_speed a min ago

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    i used to play TFC a lot and i was "competent" at conc jumping. i wasn't great, but i could get across Flagrun pretty well-- through the "window" and over the fence. never tried any conc test maps though.

    personally i was always much better at using the Demo Man's secondary pipe bomb (fire to drop it, secondary fire to explode it) for flying. pipe jumps are nowhere near as fast or long as conc jumps, but i had much better control over that than concing because i was exploding the bomb manually. i was even able to pipe-jump out of the enemy elevator in 2fort pretty regularly.

    i used to see guilds of soldiers who were absolute whizzes at running a flag-capping relay race on Crossover2 by rocket-jumping out of the basement. damn, that pissed me off so much, because they were so fast and i didn't know how to do it myself. well, i could, but not nearly as effectively as them. they were just so fast, it was nuts.


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