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Thread: Sah Agent - What Is It ?

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    I have recently had a number of problems with my computer which thankfully I have sorted but left with one strange one - when I start/re start my computer I get a box on the screen saying that S A H Agent is already running (and a red x).
    Please could anyone let me know what this is and should it be there or is there someway I can delete this. Thanks

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    goto start>Run>type "msconfig">startup, uncheak the S A H applay and restart

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    Thanks for reply but when I went into the run/startup/S A H it is not listed on the start-up menu .... any other suggestions and if you could tell me what this is.

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    I've not heard of SAH agent before, yet rule #1 is if u didn't ask to install it (after u research it first), then remove it.

    solution: go HERE and dl "O" and "P". In my opinion, these 2 program should be in everyone's PC.

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    s.a.h. agent is shop at home. part of the regular kazaa. was it once installed on your system?

    if it was, get kazaa be gone and you should be ok.


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