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Thread: Xp Sp2 Confusion

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    Just three days after a Microsoft vice president--who is in charge of and Windows Update--told thousands of delegates at a conference in Florida that Service Pack 2 for Windows XP would be available by the end of 2003, the company has effectively retracted the comments and said that customers will see only a beta version of SP2 this year.

    Richard Kaplan, vice president of content and delivery at Microsoft, made the statement during a talk to an audience of around 2,000 people at the Citrix iForum conference earlier this week, in which he explained why he believed that Windows Server 2003 was the best and fastest platform for Citrix MetaFrame users.

    As part of Microsoft's overhaul of its security practices, he said patches would only be launched once a month and a "new version of Windows, called Windows XP SP2" would be available by the end of the year.

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    Nope. It's been reconfirmed, SP2 final will be mid 2004.


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