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Thread: Installing Jedi Academy

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    I got jedi academy off bittorent and the two CDs have been broken down into about 50 separate files that are stuffit archives and when i unzip them each one gives an exe file that just gives an error message. It says in the .torrent file to read the .nfo but i can't find a .nfo that works. can you tell me how to get it to work or at least direct me somewhere where i can find out.

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    Sounds like its not compete. i know incomplete files from Bittorrent will show as RAR files

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    ok thanks
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    when your finish, how do you burn it? There over 700mb-Gameinstall and Gamedata.

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    The image shows as over 700MB, but when you use the "burn image" option in your software, the file will be under 700MB guaranteed.

    I have had Images that were over 800MB, but when you use the burn image option they will be under 700MB. i think the extra MB in a ISO or BIN are (packing material)

    Dont burn images like you do music or data


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