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Thread: Soul Calibur Ii

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    I was thinking of getting soul Calibur 2 for my Gamecube. I've heard it's good but was just wondering what people who actually have the game think as opposed to random journalists.

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    that's the best fighting game out on gamecube, u should definitly get it

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    that seems to be the opinion of most people i talk to, i'm pretty sure i'm going to.
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    it is a awesome game and btw its for ps2 and xbox too not just game cube

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    best fighting game iv played since sc1 lots of gp although characters moves are the same as the firt ecseption to the new chairacters nut there are tons of moves stances new costumes great scenry tons of fun i got this game as soon as i could so should ne1 who likes fighting games

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    It is THE best fighting game out there. I've got it on Xbox with Spawn.
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    Whats spawn? and its not THE best....street fighters is best!

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    Whats spawn? and its not THE best....street fighters is best!
    spawn is a hell spawn you must know the comics animated series games the movie

    street fighter best classic yes best ever helll no not enin in the same leuge as the sc games streetfighter

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    i didn't say it was only on gamecube, i just said i's get it for gamecube, because link is sooooo cool (and i don't have the other two but that's just a minor point). and street fighter is definately a classic (street fighter II for snes being the best) but when it comes to being a great game i think soul calibur wins.
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    i think street fighter for sega gen ruled


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