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Thread: 6 Million Dollar Man Secret Of Bigfoot Episodes 1

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    Hey Everyone-

    The short story is: Anybody Got a verified for this one? For the long story, read below...

    I have been trying to download the 2 part 6 Million Dollar Man episodes where he first meets bigfoot. I believe it is "Secret of Bigfoot Parts 1 and 2". I have been downloading That one for over 3 Months! I used to get more sources needed most days, but it would occasionally connect and DL real fast. I am now at 87%, and it has not connected for two weeks now.

    Anybody got a verified for this one? It is killing me! I was really fascinated by that episode when I was a kid, I would love to see it with my now much older than 6 year old eyes.

    Thanks for reading my post!

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    sorry no verfieds posted that i could fint try lookin for a bittorent or try usin dc

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    hmm, thx, but what is DC?

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    Originally posted by neuzgrouper@20 October 2003 - 22:54
    hmm, thx, but what is DC?
    direct connect

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    thx much, will research it!

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    20 Meg Left!!!! 20 Meg Left!!!!! I have downloaded 528 meg, and only need another 20. The file was created on Monday, August 25, 2003, and I am not done yet. that is a record for me. (how bout you guys, whats your longest from beginning to end download time? Actually, I think I will post a poll....)

    Other people have versions of these episodes, but I have not been able to even connect to them at all.

    I will post it when I finish this mamma jamma.

    btw, drunkenstyle - nice banner. I never realized that Amanda Bynes (spelling?) was hot before. She has that "girl next door" look. Unfortunately, not next door to me, though...

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    And yes, my original estimate was wrong about 3 months... sorry

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    and apparently I cannot start a poll, even though my friends often call me a pole.


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