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Thread: Combining .exe Files

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    i've got a number of exe files that i think have been split from one large on (it's a pirate of jedi academy) and i was wondering if anyone knew a program that could combine them again (sorry i don't know what was used to split them)

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    could you be more specific, like were you got them and wat they are

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    i got them from a bittorent download of jedi academy. They are just a bunch of exe files swjkja.part1_1 -> swjkja.part1_48. 1_1 runs as a self exractor but then says unexpected end to archive and the others all make command prompt come up momentarily, do nothing, then dissappear. If you think you help but need more info just ask.

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    ta muchly, i'll try that and let you know if it works
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    i've got winrar but it complains about unexpected ends to archives or that they are multipart or corrupt, how can i combine them into one file to extract.
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    You will either have to redown the bad ones or look on here I saw a topic somewhere that covered corrupt rar bits.
    Try bittorent Q & A that might be better.


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