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Thread: Max Payne

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    i installed the first max payne and i cant play the actual game but there is a training thing on it and it lets me play that and it runs jus fine without a problem but when i try to start a new game it starts to load then jus exits out of the game. does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Anyone? i dont understand it. its a donloaded file its a .rar file but it wroks fine on triadcools computer but it wont work on mine. it wouldnt be my video card if it runs the training jus fine would it?

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    what r ur system specs?

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    i got a 383 mb of ram,40 gig hard drive,1.79 pentium 4 and i got an integrated intel p.o.s grahpics cards but alot of good game like ut 2003 run and rainbow six 3 but i can play the max payne training in the gmae but i cant start a new game!it jus loads half way then exits out of the game.

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    i have heard of this problem b4. check in earler max payne posts im sure i have seen it here.
    Was thier a problem when u installed it?
    Where did you get it from?


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    i got it from a friend but i can extrat it and like go into the game and play the training but it stops and exits out when i try to start a new game but i can play the training jus fine runs perfect!

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    so when u say u got it from a friends. did u borow a REAL copy or was it dled? or copyed bcause ur no-cd crack mite b the problem


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    It was a dowloaded zip file. do u know where i can get a good no cd crack?but it dont install it is just extracted to my desktop and it jus runs from there .will i still be able to put a no cd crack in it?

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    well download the cd image from kazaa lite or emule or bittorent. and use daemon tools. then get a no cd crack from suprnova


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    i recon you mite need a patch, im not sure though ive seen a few patches b4

    oh one of these

    just look for a patch or something

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