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Thread: Beavis N Butt-head

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    hi i jes wondered if anyone knows if beavis and butthead made any other long movies except *do america* ?? i like them and have downloaded loads of their shorter **adventures** ................... well thats about it, AND I apreciate all help.

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    nope, unfortunatly, that is the only full length feature we will get...

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    Yep, Do America was the only one I wish there was more.

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    yea i tought so........ damn why isnt there any more........... im al sad now im kinda addicted to these guys now that i downloaded some episodes, cuz i have not benn watchin them for a long time now............ well to all b-b fans , try to download episodes , there are loads of em AND WHY THE FAK ARENT ANY CHANELS SHOWIN BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD NO MORE ( AT LEAST IN MY COUNTRY NOBOBY IS ) ????????? THAT TO ME IS A REALY GOOD QUESTION .. PEACE


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