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Thread: Googlism

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    under the sea
    when argueing with a certain banned from this board person who shall remain nameless, i googled his username (Hyp*l*x*3k) and the result led me to a website which googl'd your name for you and made some comments about what it had seen on its travels. anyway here is the website and here are a select few i tried.


    a search for 3rd gen noob returned no replies, so a search fro 3rd gen is used

    3rd gen is about $100 cheaper than the 2nd gen
    3rd gen is the ugliest of the preludes
    3rd gen is too long
    3rd gen is the murky era of the meyers
    3rd gen is very small and finding parts is quite hard

    Ok how about Lamsey
    lamsey is vice president and senior product manager for harwood international
    lamsey is quite the little ham<----sounds like a Jpaul comment

    now Jpaul
    jpaul is a wilmington de corporation
    jpaul is not a member of the mbbc he is a charter hawg boss and a veteran of all four hawg roasts<---not quite sure about this one

    ok found a funny one Nikkid
    nikkid is a special contributor to the smoking outdoorsman
    nikkid is i like her answers
    nikkid is a little much for me

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    FvKin GeniuS :D
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    for me

    Googlism for: izzy

    izzy is the greatest
    izzy is my favorite now
    izzy is da best
    izzy is working on her new cd
    izzy is also scheduled for many interviews in the uk
    izzy is a creature called a whatizit
    izzy is not missing in action
    izzy is the resident genius and computer nerd
    izzy is alive
    izzy is mine
    izzy is very proud to tell you about her recipe for &#39;izzy&#39;s gourmet diet cat fud&#39; which she submitted to the fat is fun furternity&#39;s cookbook
    izzy is a happy personality
    izzy is at home whether chasing bluewater species like dolphin
    izzy is often a featured speaker at industry conferences
    izzy is going to drift in the se gom for several days
    izzy is happy? is there anything scary in her bedroom?
    izzy is a seamless mix of pathos
    izzy is a little
    izzy is
    izzy is in charge of the barn workers
    izzy is introduced in the story "cousin izzy"
    izzy is so cute when he does his whiz
    izzy is prepared to help the "braids girl" by serving her food
    izzy is initially set for translational motion
    izzy is the best izzy is the best izzy stradlin is the best journalist
    izzy is not impressed
    izzy is great
    izzy is a self professed know
    izzy is the creator of both an audiocassette program called
    izzy is actually blogging for the first time in a couple of weeks
    izzy is suffering any guilt pains over firing ottawa citizen
    izzy is one of the famous ?doggin? it
    izzy is given a tour by branson
    izzy is shown the headline on the newspaper
    izzy is making a digital barrier
    izzy is wrong about the cards
    izzy is crushed under waves of pity and guilt and falseness ? false smiles
    izzy is a cherished and very much loved member of our family
    izzy is introduced to sam the pickle man
    izzy is just a year old
    izzy is the only spinone that risky business has bred three times
    izzy is interviewed on channel 13 at the february 7 shuttle launch
    izzy is a beautiful boxer girl approximately 1 year old
    izzy is always there when we need him
    izzy is a big fan of high quality art and ice sculptures
    izzy is a companion and therapy dog for gail daniels
    izzy is sitting at his computer & he just notices a virus running on the internet
    izzy is a computer science student at pace university here in new york
    izzy is a very odd person
    izzy is the computer expert of the group
    izzy is the head honch at wide angle humor
    izzy is plagued by a vague
    izzy is another great character
    izzy is happy to provide direct access to all local
    izzy is my cat
    izzy is the base of the group
    izzy is a very well behaved horse
    izzy is still with us and is as fiesty as ever
    izzy is not a quitter
    izzy is on his computer
    izzy is not big on touring
    izzy is kidnapped by shadowy men looking for the stone and held in a warehouse sort of prison
    izzy is a girl out of my first litter
    izzy is the grey
    izzy is coming with rick richards
    izzy is joining a convent
    izzy is the founder and past president of an amateur astronomy group in his home area
    izzy is vastbesloten om de digitale barrière te gebruiken
    izzy is busy decoding the temple&#39;s maze
    izzy is a deep purple wig shown above in the china doll style
    izzy is a 1 year old
    izzy is said to be involved in the writing process for the group&#39;s upcoming debut album
    izzy is the brain and computer whiz of the group
    izzy is back on the road again
    izzy is a twelve year old black female cat
    izzy is in gevaar
    izzy is back at school
    izzy is sam
    izzy is a little comedian
    izzy is now focused on the perpetuation of psc teaching surfing to beginners all around the world
    izzy is my little miracle kitty
    izzy is the computer wiz of the original digidestined
    izzy is extremely intelligent
    Board rule: max 500x150 Pixels (w x h)

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    Thanks for that Spider Dude,I&#39;m going to have a wee play there.

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    clocker's Avatar Shovel Ready
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    All of this is true.

    They must be psychic.
    Googlism for: clocker

    clocker is a web
    clocker is a tool designed for use by people who need to know the time in zones around the planet
    clocker is an interesting program that certainly puts your computer usage in perspective
    clocker is designed to schedule programs
    clocker is a program i wrote quite some time ago in perl to track my timetable at university
    clocker is a person who deals drugs day in
    clocker is dead
    clocker is not his first preference
    clocker is a mini clock which can set ring time
    clocker is a famous wise man; giving forth words of wisdom every 15 minutes
    clocker is here
    clocker is something like the scout in the army
    clocker is slang for the lowest level of drug dealer
    clocker is a risky proposition
    clocker is somehow not addressing the switch
    clocker is a grocer over yonder
    clocker is on hand six days a week to time and report the workouts to the daily racing form
    clocker is suspended until further notice
    clocker is a close friend of the owner of the all
    clocker is the individual
    clocker is running as 3
    clocker is designed to
    clocker is an event
    clocker is either insane or just a fair op
    clocker is farmington@brewer
    clocker is in a macintosh work station
    clocker is a personal/network program scheduler for windows
    clocker is an incredible grind because you basically have to be at the track 7 days a week as there is always some horse working
    clocker is the god or magician who steps in
    clocker is a time tracking application developed especially for consultants
    clocker is an activex control that has an analog clock face
    clocker is springing for
    clocker is a scheduler which will shut down microsoft windows
    clocker is no exception
    clocker is about to get snatched up
    clocker is commanded to send the clocking pattern to the aladdin iii
    clocker is the horse&#39;s trainer
    clocker is the principal blacksmith
    clocker is a good man”****end spoiler
    clocker is in position to record anything
    clocker is a 24
    clocker is in lock on a supported signal format
    clocker is a reprehensible character
    clocker is comforted by the certainty of one thing
    clocker is pulling out of dc union station and the hogger has already notched out to max amps as evidenced by the exhaust plumes coming from the well
    clocker is is sexxy
    clocker is a small program for checking any airport local time provided by the latest dll
    clocker is murdered
    clocker is combinations encumber; babysitting pillow; assuring tolerably after larson will travelings applicant towed alphabetically
    clocker is destined to stomp the dancefloors and when the breakdown hits
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    proper bo is the amount of debt i&#39;m in through going out almost every night for the past 3 weeks

    that&#39;s it???

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    [QUOTE]clocker is destined to stomp the dancefloors and when the breakdown hits

    And you tried to stop me from learning the can-can. Shame on you sir.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    under the sea
    spider_dude is a bit partial to some good chocolate
    spider_dude is impersonating belgo mudcrow and nique at the same time and havin a weird<----this is weird they are people from the slsk forum.

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    JONNO_CELEBS's Avatar Densly Loadan BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    Damn I like this place

    jonno is awesome
    jonno is up
    jonno is the king
    jonno is a great
    jonno is a really modest guy
    jonno is the best
    jonno is one of the smartest people i have ever encountered online
    jonno is a stud
    jonno is our gang leader
    jonno is god

    Jonno B)
    Thinking about 1
    My Place & Arcade

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    under the sea
    results for big boab

    bigboab is right

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