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Thread: Suprnova Mirrors

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    i hate how annoying it is when you want to go on suprnova and download stuff and the mirror dont work so i made a little site which i am going to put all working mirrors i find onto so i can hopfully always get onto bittorrent. i only created it tonight and spent literally 5mins making it, i wanna keep it simple i wont be putting no time or effort into it just update it twice a week and add new mirrors and remove broken ones i will be adding loads hopfully over the next day or 2 so if you have any problems like me with finding mirrors for bittorrent then id suggest you bookmark this site

    i know its a crap and basic site but its meant to be so diss it all you want

    i can help make it better with you guys too so if you ever come across a mirror thats not there please take 30seconds of your time to just type the link quickly in the guestbook on the site and it will make it better and easier for all us file pirates B)

    keep sharing! :pirate:

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    this is the only url you need

    or you can just use the search here, its just for suprnova

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    since im not a leech and love to give back to my community that has giving so much to me (winxp and all the proggys and mp3s i ever wanted), i was wondering if i could use my comcast website (the one when you sign up u get) to host a mirror?? or wat would happen if comcast got mad?

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    they would notice about 100000 hit to your personal web space, would be taken down in short order, and as far as what they could do, well you would have to read their TOS


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