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Thread: Freedom Froce.

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    I downloaded it from bittorrent and it came with things like ims-free.08 and sfv things. How do i get it to install.?Thank You.

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    for that you will need winrar

    once you install winrar (or if u already had it),

    go on one of the .001 files then right click and then go on open with and then chose winrar and it will make all the files into like what an iso is made of, just extract all the files, burn or click setup and isntall

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    I thank you and i mean freedom fighters.

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    Happy to help...I figured you meant Freedom Fighters My Freedom Fighters was like that too!

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    It says i need the right cd and it doesnt come with a no-cd crack could anyone or you help?Thank You.

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    You may find a NO CD CRACK on Good luck!

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    How do you do that?You like know every site.Thanks.

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    Go on the very last says: Freedom Fighters v1.0 [ENGLISH] No-CD/Fixed EXE, download that one.

    Instructions on downloading are right there....:

    Install the game - Full Installation.
    Replace the original FREEDOM.EXE executable with the one from the File Archive.
    Play the Game!

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    No problem, Happy to help...Hope it worked

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