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Thread: Feardotcom....can Someone

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    I saw Feardotcom a while back and I was wondering what is the meaning of this movie? It doesn't make much sense. The girl that's on the website is dead and tells the people that come to the website that they have so much time to find her. A week I think. People look at the website, something happens to their eyes, and then they die. To me it was just about s&m and just didnt make sense at all. They give you clues, but the story line doesnt add up. And at the end nothing was explained. I figured out that the female detective when she recieves a phone call and it was static, that it was the girl that had died, and she was kind of saying thank you for freeing her spirit and such, by stopping the killer. Was her spirit trapped in the website and can someone explain the meaning of this movie to me if there is one?

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    ive not seen the film but it sounds alot like a bad take-off of the ring.

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    It has been a while since I saw the movie.
    I think the woman wants someone to find out that she was murdered and body hidden away,she wants to get the killer caught.All the bodies end up looking like the way she does under the water.
    The reason she was on the PC I think is that her killer actually murdered her on the snuff site in front of viewers,and I think she is getting back to them foir watching her murder taking place she was torchered for a week that is why she gives them the seven days to find her.

    Thats my idea anyway.


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