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Thread: Teenager Gets 15 Years for Facebook Sex Scam

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    Teenager Gets 15 Years for Facebook Sex Scam
    By Jane McEntegart, published on February 25, 2010

    " A Wisconsin teenager has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a Facebook sex scam that enabled him to sexually abuse seven of his male classmates.

    The Associated Press reports that 19-year-old Anthony Stancl was accused of creating a fake Facebook profile purporting to be a teenage girl. During the period between spring of 2007 and November of 2008, Stancl used the profile to convince more than 30 of his male classmates to send him nude photos or videos. Police found more than 300 photos on Stancl's computer. Some of the photos depicted boys as young as fifteen years old.

    Mr Stancl is said to have blackmailed the classmates involved by threatening to post the videos and pictures online if they did not engage in some sort of sexual activity with him. CNet cites an older AP report, which states that at least seven of the boys in Stancl's class have said they were coerced into performing sexual acts. Mr Stancl is alleged to have recorded these acts with his cell phone.

    Stancl pleaded no contest to two felonies, including repeated sexual assault of a child. The AP reports that he showed no emotion when his sentence was handed down but that he apologized, saying he had learned to understand what his victims went through. He faced a maximum of 30 years in jail. "


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    Wow this is ridiculous, I hope there is no internet access in prison or in his cell room. LOL

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    15 years? You'd get less for actual physical assault. Rape is what, 5 years nowadays?

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    at least seven of the boys in Stancl's class have said they were coerced into performing sexual acts.

    I think you missed that part.

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    Jesus tittiefucking christ. The has been a surge of ridiculous stories like this one from the US lately?

    You've all been a little crazy but this is a new level altogether. What happened over there?

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    Oh, C'mon
    15 years? OMG

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    wow, but seriously, only 15 years?

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    Sexually abuse this classmates but how ? did his classmates saw his dick and died becuase of heart failure or brain damaging shock or what .. did he promised to show his classmates a hot tight pussy but they truned on webcam they were encountered with a dick ?

    I don't understand what a prick that person is who is getting sexually abused on internet.

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    So... would it have been OK if none of his classmates were underage?

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    well he got what was coming to him, this is a grown men who is sick and needs to be labatomized for his sick and disgusting actions.

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