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Thread: Cannot Open Dled Bittorrent Files

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    After the files are complete, I'm only getting 2 .bin files, an .nfo and 2 .cue files. I can't open any of these, and its not just one file. I have the same problem with all dled programs from bittorrent.
    Do I have the right files in front of me or am I missing something?

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    See below ;)
    You can open the .nfo file (and the .cue file if your really that interested in CD format information) with Notepad, the .cue and .bin files requires a CD Writing program (open your CD Writing program, select to burn image file then search for the .cue file, select that as it tell's the program what setting's to use and also point's it to the .bin file for you)


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    deamon tools
    get it
    learn it
    love it


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