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Thread: Nero 6 - Urgent

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    Hi, right , this is prob quite simple but i cant figure it out.

    i have just made a copy of an original dvd (dycrypt, shrinked and basically got it ready for burning).

    When i have gone to burn with nero, it says disc at once , illegal disc, how do i get nero or some other software to burn this file.

    if someone could help with this it would be most appreciated as i need this info asap.

    thanks again


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    to make backup copys of dvd's i use dvd shrink, reauthor and re encode and then use nero to burn it. i think i had to download a crack to let nero burn copywritten dvd's as the uk and us are bitches when it comes to things like that.

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    okay thanks but wher would you find a crack to get around copyright on nero?




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