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Thread: CHDBits Review

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    Without a doubt, this is one of the most sought after private trackers based in China (yeah, China does host private torrent sites – HDChina, HDStar, CCFBits to name a few). As the title says, CHDBits is a specialized HD tracker with movies, TV shows, documentaries and even anime content. Non Chinese users – there is no need to worry. There is a lot of English content here. Compared to the likes of CCFBits and HDStar, CHDBits is considered harder to get into – they don't often have open signups. However the good news is that public registrations at CHDBits will open on the 10th of September and will remain open throughout the day.

    With over 20000 active members and over 15000 active torrents, CHDBits is a well established tracker in the BitTorrent scene. If this was not referred to as a ‘Chinese tracker’, I’m sure CHDBits’s popularity would have been a lot higher. Most English speaking users tend to turn away from a tracker the moment they see a Chinese character on the signup page. This is clearly a mistake – in almost all China basedtrackers, there is an option to change site language to English. And when you actually sign up and log in, you’ll see that these trackers are full of English content. This applies to CHDBits as well.

    CHDBits seem to have good scene connections judging by the amount of scene releases available on site. In addition, there is a good number of p2p (non scene) encodes online. For example there are some untouched Blu-Ray releases by group CHD, which looks a lot like an internal release group exclusive to this tracker. Some of the torrent categories, codecs and video standards used in indexed content can be seen in the screenshot below:

    Every torrent name has its title spelt out in Chinese (in addition to English) – note that this does not mean the movie is dubbed in Chinese.
    Like most other private trackers CHDBits has a bonus system. You can exchange bonus points (usually gained by seeding) for upload credit, custom titles and even invites (10000 bonus points will get you 1 invite). CHDBIts might not look spectacular but it’s design is not bad at all. If you don’t like the default theme, there are several other styles to choose from and even category icons can be changed.

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    This site for registration Invite only
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    anyone need to join..just seed the email to

    i`m new here.and cant make topic in giveway..

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    Check this out:

    I'd edit my e-mail out
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    I like HDChina more

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    i`m also from china.

    FTN is hard to get in.

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    excellent HD tracker....awesome....

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    it seems to be good for me

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    This site for registration Invite only.

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    Wonder where you stole this review from without giving credit. We all know your Engrish isn't near as good as what is posted. Have some common decency and give credit where it is due. Putting up reviews is nice and handy for those considering sites and this is a good review. It is just not your review.
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