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Thread: Whats A Agpx4 Port?

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    Can someone tell me how to find out if my pc's got a AGPX4 port for a gfx card I know I've got a few PCI slots left are they the same?

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    no.... AGP = Advanced Graphics Port

    its a dark brown port where you put your graphics card

    the 4x after it means speed.... most new motherboards include 8x speed...but "regular" computers have 4x agp support.... read your manual to see what your speed is


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    I can see a brown slot where the AGP port is the only problem is the port is the middle of my motherboard further away from the standerd PCI ports and its one long port but the gfx card I;m looking at has three diffrent holes.

    the card I'm thinking of getting can be viewed here.


    My pc was made in 2001 AMD Athlon XP 1700+

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    This picture should help.

    Try going to your motherboard's makers website to find out which speeds it supports.

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    Ah yes that clears it up alot thanks callum.
    I only questioned it because the AGP seemed so far away from the PCi slots.

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    I know 99% prob have far more better cards than this one but if you didn't do you think this card is worth 20 and if so what games would be able to run smoothly on an Amd Athlon XP 1700+ with just over a gig worth of ram

    heres the card:


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