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Thread: New Uk Law

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    just thought you might be interested, found this on zdnet..

    UK file swappers face up to two years' imprisonment under new copyright regulations under the provisions of a European directive, that are expected to take effect in the UK this month.

    The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2003 was laid before Parliament on Friday after nearly a year's delay. It is expected to be passed in time to come into force by the end of October, according to legal experts.

    The Copyright Directorate, a Patent Office department, had a deadline of 22 December last year to implement the European Copyright Directive of 2001 (known as EUCD), but delayed doing so several times under pressure from groups representing copyright holder interests as well as civil liberties and consumer rights organizations.

    The EUCD is intended to aid copyright holders in cracking down on counterfeiting and piracy, but organizations such as UK think tank the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) argue that it is likely to tighten the grip of large companies on consumers, because of the way it is being implemented across the European Union.

    In a recent analysis of the EUCD, FIPR found that most countries were failing to protect researchers, business competition and consumers in their implementations of the directive, while giving full force to measures that criminalize the circumvention of copyright controls.

    Critics argue that such measures will be used by corporate interests to block competition for such products as printer cartridges and garage-door openers--two cases that have already surfaced under the DMCA in the United States.

    FIPR director Ian Brown said that although the UK law compares favorably with the implementations in some other European states, it did not appear that consumer-rights groups' criticisms had been taken into account. "I don't think there has been much change since the first draft," he said.

    The UK's music industry also lobbied against the law -- but on the grounds that it was too lenient, and would drive the music industry out of the country.

    Brown said that an exemption had been built in allowing cryptographic researchers to circumvent copyright protections, but said the language of this provision was "perhaps less clear than it should be". One of the DMCA-like provisions of the EUCD is the criminalization of circumventing copyright protections, in other words cracking anti-piracy technology on DVDs, CDs, printer cartridges and the like.

    Other observers noted that the new UK law could be used to imprison file-swappers on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks such as Kazaa for up to two years.

    One of the law's provisions states that "A person who infringes copyright in a work by communicating the work to the public... to such an extent as to affect prejudicially the owner of the copyright... commits an offence."

    Struan Robertson, editor of the newsletter Out-Law, produced by UK law firm Masons, noted that this could be used to fine P2P users or send them to prison for up to two years. "By making a music file available for download for any other users of your chosen P2P network, you are communicating the work--potentially at least--to millions, i.e. to an extent that the music industry could say is prejudicing its rights," he said in a statement.

    FIPR's Brown agreed the UK regulations allowed scope for abuse, but said that on this provision, the UK was bound by the provisions of the EUCD itself.

    "It's the directive that's the problem," he said. "The groups who are concerned have to make sure their voices are heard next year when the European Commission reviews [the EUCD], and suggest changes."

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    hmmm me sences another bullshit law thats trying to scare people away from filesharing, fuck them.

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    You have to read this in conjunction with IT Laws though.

    The only people that can "Monitor" your communications (including internet) legally are the Security Services and Police (with a court order).

    The ISPs in the UK only need to keep details of IPs etc for as long as it takes for the Billing Process to be charge you for your usage.

    In effect, it all comes down to your ISP in the UK now.

    If they want, they can turn around and wipe all records of IPs as soon as your monthly Bill for that month has been paid... without records, there is no evidence.

    In addition, if you keep your defences up...then you always have a defence that your internet usage has been "Monitored", and you gave no permission to the offending organisations to connect to your PC.

    Im still waiting for a UK solicitor (or even Law Student?) to come back and confirm this now.... come on, there must be someone on the boards upto date with UK IT Law....

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    Other observers noted that the new UK law could be used to imprison file-swappers on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks such as Kazaa for up to two years.
    Well, that should keep all the builders busy at least.... LOL !!!

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    Aww screw 'em. They'll let people off with a warning for breaking into cars, houses etc, that REAL people have worked for, but if someone steals tiny amounts of what a giant company makes its grounds for a 2 year prison sentence. They can fuck off.

    All I need is to grab a magnet and my harddrive is wiped, therefore no hard evidence.

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    Very true, Mad Cat. They should be dealing with the really evil bad people in society, not the millions of teenagers around the world who like sharing their favourite things on Kazaa. We love sharing our favourite songs/films/software/books with each other and be happy. I keep saying it, but the world would be a much better place if everyone shared more.

    This stupid new rule is all about protecting greedy corporations such as RIAA, and nothing else. We have had enough of their greed already, they must be stopped !!! They do not care about us ordinary people at all.

    We will share, share, share until kingdom come!!!! LOL !!!

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    Just be more IP's to block - they are fighting a losing battle!!!

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    Seen that law a few weks back.

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    You mean know they gonna sue people in the UK as well?! Well, i must say, i seen this coming.

    On one hand they are saying "tough on crime", on the other they are trying to waste police time. Well, i bet with this law passed, people are gonna feel a lot safer in their home (&#33

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    Just play dumb through the whole case (if you are taken to court). Or say that you already own the songs, games etc, but you just lost the receipts and CDs etc. They can't prove that you didn't...

    You were "backing up" your files...

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