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Thread: Dvd Ripping

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    Jul 2003
    As I type this I am ripping a DVD I rented from the video store. However, it has only ripped 55% and has been on for 21 or so hours. The software im using is smartripper. Now heres the question...or 2...

    i) Why is it making so long

    I also noticed that its creating what appears to be a file for each chapter and a .idx and a .d2v file.

    ii) Why is it doing this? Shouldnt it be the one file?

    Would like to know what is going on here, any help would be grateful. I have posted this already but I have to take the DVD back soon and would like an answer before then...don't think I'm just an impatient twat


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    I had a bit play around with dvd ripping a couple of weeks ago with three differnt progs including that one and it did take about that long because there is so much data on a dvd and it all needs to be ripped, each chapter is a seperate file , once ripped it takes up a couple of gig and has to be converted into a compressed version such as divx or what ever, I used "easy divx" which is a free prog .
    I gave it up because I thought it was a lot of work just for a film.

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    Well I used that and it took between 3-4 hours only for a 1hr 35mins long movie to 1 disc (700).


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