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Thread: 4,056,699 Users Online | 717,049,539 Files

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    20.10.2003 - 22:53 * 4,056,699 users online | 717,049,539 files (5,435,136 GB)

    sha're@KaZaA, sharing 1232 files (yeah, really I am sharing so much :)

    just to keep the statistics up sometimes :)

    I try to keep it up as long as I am here - I am not here 24/7 days a week
    sorry, but If I had cheap connectiion 24/7 I would run Kazaa whole the time
    as long as I live and longer probably... hehe... true... true...

    So, I am still looking for cheap broadband connection...

    thanks anyway, david.

    above are just what I was thinking at the moment - so do not worry, if some
    of my thoughts may hurt you, tell me, but these are just my thoughts :)

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    it'll take the riaa a couple hundred years to get us all. so come and eat our shit slugheads

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    they can take me if they want, but then I will tell them what I think openly, and that is more behind sharing: we have to share our thoughts openly to understand each other better ALSO OFFLINE! :) And I will try to tell my opinion through different media, e.g. serious magazines...

    thanks anyway, david.

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    yeah, during the daytime i see 4.2million users online...

    right now, it's 4:57pm CST 3.89million users online...

    i keep this pc on all day while i'm at work and sometimes leave it on all night when i'm sleeping, but two or three nights a week i shut it down for it time to cool down or something.....

    when i do leave it on, i leave cap upload at 8192 w/ 25 upload slots, so i'm part of the 2.7-3.1million that's online all night long.

    keep sharing.


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