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    ok, guys these are just some of my impressions of my city nuremberg where
    I live in my everyday life - although london is my favorite city due to its atmosphere between people (see my london experience and images in 02-2002 if you want :) , there are some nice and historic places in nuremberg you should see - I also plan to post
    more images from the place I live so other people can imagine and get a glimpse/an impression of the place where I live :) If you live close to me, come vixit me - I always interested in sharing my thoughts openly to understand each other better ;)

    ok, some informations to the images: the images were taken with the new
    very expenvsive digital camera 300d of canon which my father bought for
    1000Euro and some more bucks... This camera has some 6million Pixels, means
    it can show many details on the image and could be simliar to normal photo...
    because the size of an image is big I make it smaller in this forum, so it would not
    load very long.

    If you have also images from oyur place where you live, I am interested in getting
    an impression :) of your area... so, come on and post some images - not to big in smaller

    ok, guys I decided at the moment to put some of my best images in
    middle quality :) the other images I will put on an internet webalbum :)

    When I have enough images collected I will put them all in the ineternet
    in this quality - at the moment and in nearest time it is difficult, cause I have
    not much money, really no money - I still search for some minijob :) But if I would have enough money, to buy my own digicam I would buy one and make hundred
    of images from my city and put them in the internet :) Yeah, I know at the moment, it is difficult - yes... yes... that is sad, but it is true... :( But there is hope
    in a hopeless world, just some thoughts... the world is what we make of it, everyone can contribute and share his or her thoughts & files :) although I could not expect that of people cause they are just humans...

    ok... here are the images:

    thanks for looking and if you have image whether normal or digital
    from your place or city yo made I would be glad to see some of them
    to get an impression of your place you live ;)

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    I kept clicking down waiting to see the Nuremberg ring.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    You mean probably: Nürburg Ring, it is where Formula One Races are
    taking place as far as I know and throck concert "rock in the park" is coming
    each year.

    hmm... it sound similar, but this is the city Nurember = Nürnberg where I live and
    where some guilty nazi members were brought to courts after 1945.

    Yeah, I will try, probably some time I will make some mages from the "Nürburg Ring" :) If I have some more time, you can look on google image search or
    on, where many people take everything (in some ways, some images are nice) - every "shit"? depends... - and there you find many images
    from users - unfortunately they does not have a search function, that is sad, cause
    image library is big - if you could not find it there, probably at
    - artist communits :)

    thanks anyway, david.

    and ~nice~ dreams...

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    Any bloody ring.
    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    bloody ring?

    what do you mean? some medieval stuff?




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