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    Is their a program I can get that deletes my Trace of what I have been downlaoding and what wesbites I havfe been on besides a proxy server? Just wondering so COmcast doesnt thing the wrong thing or something. ALso maybe hide my Ip??

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    It is impossible to hide your IP address from your ISP.

    An ISP will monitor your bandwidth usage but cannot monitor exactly what data is being sent/received. This would require a court order here in the US. I'm not sure what country you're in but similar laws are common outside the US.

    Your ISP isn't tracking what you download. The RIAA, MPAA and other heinous corporations are using P2P programs to download/verify files from users, identify their IP address and reporting this to the various ISPs.

    Your ISP is not the enemy. You're their paying customer and they don't want to lose you so easily.

    Deleting/erasing/overwriting files after downloading to get rid of evidence is fruitless. If you've been tracked, it's to late. The evidence has already been collected.

    That being said, there are a lot of programs to accomplish what you want( for example). I'm sure others can offer more titles.

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    the isp may require....but.... <----old news but still true true to the point that they are worse now in what they do

    EDIT: the box that they used to put at ISP&#39;s used to be called carnivore but they changed that years ago i dont know what the name is now they use for it, the reason i posted the link is if you check into Echelon and carnivoure you will see there really is nothing you can do within reason to cover what you do on the net


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