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Thread: Problem With Nero Burner

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    hello poeple

    having a problem burning a vcd it gets to about 90% finished then it stops with a Burn process failed at 24x (3,600 KB/s) and the cd is ejected does anyone know the corse of this problem it seems to only happen when burning a movie to vcd

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    well the first problem is you are letting nero do your encoding

    and I imagen the second problem is a bad frame or two at that point

    don't let nero encode, use tmpgenc to convert it, then use nero just to burn, (its the best for burning, just not encoding)

    before you encode a movie, you need to remove ALL the bad frames with DivixRepaire, get it here

    and if you can figure out tmpgenc with out a guide try <- it holds all the answers

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    thanks mate

    i am only new at copy movies to vcd to watch on my dvd player, but i have never manged yet to copy a movie.

    i am also looking for a splitter i have tryed afew but have never had much succes.

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    no problems we all start off somewhere
    just follow the above by removing the bad frames
    then just convert it to vcd or svcd with tmpgenc
    and once its all done converting, tmpgenc has a splitter built in under tools

    one last thing, make sure your stand alone dvd player can play vcd or the better svcd before you go through all the trobel


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