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Thread: Strange Piano Symbol

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    what is this symbol and what does it mean, basically what do i do when i come to it.
    it looks like this (if this doesen't come out i'll just take a picture of it and post it)
    and it has a note by it.

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    come on anyone? your making me bump my own post to keep it alive. how about this if anyone has and idea as to what it is then speak up, this thing is starting to drive me crazy man, CRAZY!

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    take a picture of it I have no idea what it is. a pic would help.

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    In guitar tab that means to arpeggio up meaning slowly play the strings from high e to low e...assuming that was what you meant to make in the pic...though in piano not sure how toplay that cause ive never played piano...but obviousluy u have

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    slide left and slide right

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    but hes got the little arrow /\ on top ...

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    ummm how do i show a picture again?


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