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Thread: Windows Media Player

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    can WMP update song tag info or overwrite it? It sucks, almost all of my files are named correctly, but the tags are wrong. how acuurate is WMP in egtting the right information? and whats the differents between updating and overwriting? like, if it sees you have a song totally wrong, it will just redo it for you? how would it knwo what is correct?

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    ehh, wmp taggin sucks, get mp3 tag tools, it tags by the name of the song

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    get what? where can i get it?

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    this is a related question, what is the difference between ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x?
    which one should i fill out? both?

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    bump. and why exactly does WMP tagging suck? does it actually update the ID3v.2 or whatever its called?


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